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QMID: Queru’s Mail IMAP Dispatcher

Un clasificador de correo mediante protocolo IMAP, que puede funcionar en cualquier servidor, en un cron y clasificar el correo en otro servidor con una cuenta IMAP. Está escrito en php-cli y cualquiera puede meterle mano fácilmente. Si a alguien le es de utilidad, lo tiene en github:


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 Queru's Mail IMAP Dispatcher


QMID it's a mail sorter or dispatcher that's connect with your mail server using IMAP
and executes the rules defined at "qmid-rules.conf" over the Inbox messages, doing
the required actions like move, copy or delete the message.


  - QMID can live at mail server or at any server wich can connect to your imap server.
  - QMID can run from the cron, and execute the rules totally unatended.
  - QMID mantains your server folders clean and sorted.
  - You can connect to server with your mobile or tablet, and have the mail
    pre-sorted by QMID. Don't need to use your big computer's mua to sort.
  - QMID can be very fast if it's in the same server that your email.
  - Opensource and free (as in freedom). You can adapt it to meet your needs.
  - And finally, QMID it's KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), very light, very clean, very easy
    to configure and install.